Employee Transfer Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Rachel Greene

Senior Manager,

Classy Line Inc,

51 Western Avenue, New York

November 7, 2011

Subject: Notice for transfer

Dear Ms Greene,

This letter is to inform you that you will be transferred to the sales and marketing department of the company from your current department at the same post as you hold now from next month. You have been a very good employee to the company for the past five years and this is why we need someone with your experience and knowledge to handle the new team in this department.

We are looking forward to seeing more excellent work from you in your new position in the company. Good luck in your new position and feel free to meet me in my office if you have more questions related to your new job responsibilities or compensation and salary.

With best regards,

Yours truly,

Monica Buffet

Head, HR Department

Classy Line Inc