Employee Grievance Appeal Letter

By | November 2, 2014

An employee grievance appeal letter is a letter which an employee writes to an employer or higher authority in order to make an appeal regarding a grievance. The letter must state the exact grievance of the employee and should sound formal and polite. A sample of an employee grievance appeal letter is given below and can be used for reference.

Sample Employee Grievance Appeal Letter:


Darwin Lewis

Sales department head

David and Sons Corporation

D-56, east lane, bridge road,

Vanilla enclave, London

Date: 5th May 2014

Subject: employee grievance appeal letter

Respected Sir,

I, Timothy Anderson, the sales executive working in this company am writing this letter to you to express my grievance regarding my job payment and to make an appeal regarding it. Hope you will consider my appeal.

I have been working as a sales executive in this company for 15 months now and haven’t been given any payment appraisal ever since I joined. At the time of joining, I was promised a salary raise after 12 months at this position but no such thing of this nature has taken place.  I support a family of 4 people singlehandedly and it would be great if my pay could be raised. I work really hard and perform my duties to the best of my potential. I am honest, dedicated and always in your service but a little motivation could really help me further.

I hope that you will think about this and take the right decision.

Thanking you

Timothy Anderson