Emotional Goodbye Letter to a Friend

By | August 26, 2013


Lenny Bin

56 Hilly Billy Street

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 6321

Dated: 9th of May 2012

Dear Lenny,

It is difficult for me to control my tears as I write this letter to you. I am going away to a different city and it gives me immense sadness to bid you goodbye.

I had recently appeared for an interview with Apple Technologies Limited and have been selected in the position of a software engineer at their head office. Their head office is located in Texas so I am moving to Texas. This job is a big opportunity for my professional career, so I have to take it. As a result I would be far away from all my friends and relatives. It is disappointing when I realize that we would not be able meet regularly. I would be missing the weekend parties that we used to have. I would also be missing the food cooked by you. It would be painful staying far away from a friend like you.

I would request you to stay in touch and keep mailing me. I would send you my local number as soon as I get one. I would pray for your well being and may god bless you.


Dick Harper