Education Fundraising Letter

By | July 24, 2013


David Miller
Finance Department head

Los Angeles Manufacturers Limited

213 Green Mile Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 5690

Dated: 9th of June 2012


Subject: Letter to raise funds for education


Respected Mr. Miller,

This letter is in regards to the project undertaken by our nonprofit organization to provide education to the under privileged children of Somalia. I would like to bring to your notice that we are raising funds in order to make this project possible and would like you to donate some amount in regards to that.

You must be aware that Somalia is a country devastated due to war and the people in the country are in bad condition. There are proper educational facilities lacking in the country. So our organization has decided to make shift schools for the children there. We have volunteers who would be teaching these children. Our organization believes that education is necessary as these children are the future of this country. I would request you to donate a fund of one million dollars. I am sure that you understand the importance of this project and would help us to make it successful.

I would be looking forward to a positive reply from your end.


Jane Fonda

Good Hope Organization