Dramatic Break Up Letter

By | July 9, 2013


John Nash

45 Tan Sin Road

Arkansas City, Las Vegas 2834

Dated: 6th of June 2012

Hi! John,

There are few decisions in life that are difficult to take but have to ultimately take them for the benefit of ours elf as well as others. Thus, I have decided to break up with you as I feel that there is no spark left in our relationship.

When I met you two years back I felt that I have met my prince charming, but rather you turned out to be a dragon who would capture a princess and imprison her in a castle. I always wanted to share my sadness as well as happiness with you. But you have never been interested in listening to my problems and always felt that I am nagging. There were moments when I would sit alone and keep crying. Above that I have done a lot for you but you never respected my efforts. You have been very insensitive and you need to mature as a person. My feelings for you have eventually died down and it is impossible to continue a relationship without feelings.

I hope you respect my decision and agree to it.


Jane Austen