Dispute Resolution Announcement Letter

By | July 12, 2014

Dispute Resolution Announcement Letter is issued by the mediator or arbitrator, stating that the two parties are mutually agreeing on the terms and conditions and will be entering into the contract which will formalize their relationship. Please find the sample of dispute resolution announcement letter.

Sample Dispute Resolution Announcement letter

The HR Manager,
ABC Pvt Ltd

28th May 2014

Sub :Announcement for dispute resolution

Dear Sir,

This is to bring to your notice that the two parties, management and labor union have agreed upon the following clauses and have mutually agreed to settle the dispute.

Following are the terms and condition for settlement:

  • First Party (Management) will share the 10% of profit with labor union.
  • Second Party (Labor Union) will not go on any intimated strikes without any prior notice to the first party.
  • First party will have two members in the board meetings to make any important decisions.
  • Second Party will agree upon the decisions of the first party taken in every board meeting.
  • First party will provide all provisions to its workers as per the labor laws.
  • Second Party will not make any unreasonable demands of bonus or profit sharing to the first party.
  • First party will not put any unreasonable pressure for completion of work; the time line for the work completion has to be given prior the assignment of job

Hence, coming to the conclusion both have agreed to resolve the dispute and begin the work from 29th of May after the agreement is signed by the signing authorities of the both the party.


Adam Smith