Direct Claim Letter

By | June 30, 2014

A direct claim letter is written by person who has lent money to a borrower, taken some service from a service provider or bought any product etc. and in all the above cases the concerned person is not satisfied and he/she is making a direct claim for his/her losses. A sample Direct Claim Letter is given below here can be helpful.

Sample Direct Claim letter


Mr. Store Manager,

ABC Electronics Goods Ltd.

#4, Builder Street,

London, BS34

31st May 2014

Sub: Direct Claim Letter

Dear Sir,

This letter serves as my notice that I will be making a direct claim to all the payment incurred by me towards repairing of the new Air Conditioners installed in my office which I purchased from your showroom ABC Electronics Goods Ltd last week. Also after opening the box, I found that power rating was not the same for which I placed the order. In spite of repeated reminder for replacing it with new one you ignored my requests. I really found this kind of behavior very disappointing, being an old and regular customer of yours I did not expect this to be happening.

I have enclosed my credit card statement and a copy of the invoice. Please refund the highlighted charge to the account details enclosed. I hope to hear your response for me to know about the claim amount otherwise I will have to take more strict actions such as filing of a complaint in Consumer Court. I will appreciate an effort from you in order to avoid any problem in the future.

Best Regards,

Allen John