Decline Request for Donation Letter

By | January 1, 2015

A decline request for donation letter is a formally drafted letter which is used by a person to decline the request for a donation letter that was sent to him by a person or a charitable organization. Such a letter must also give the reason why the sender is declining the particular donation request. A sample is provided below for your reference.

Sample Decline Request for Donation Letter


George Anthony

Founder, Save the Public Parks Funds

R-56, Raymond building, Georgetown

Manchester, United Kingdom

Date: 5th June 2014

Subject: decline request for donation letter

Dear Mr. Anthony

I am Bill Maddison and I am writing to you in response to your donation request letter for the Save the Public Parks Funds. I am extremely sorry but I won’t be able to make the donation for this fund as I don’t really see the point in donating for it.  I hope that you would not mind my reason and would understand it.

According to me, no amount of persuasion and campaigns can stop people from doing what they really are doing. Even if some people do get persuaded and start using a public park sensibly, there is no guarantee of the fact that every person of the city will follow. I would really be interested in donating if your motive had something to do with planting more trees or encouraging action against cutting down of trees.  I honestly believe that this campaign is lacking on ideas.

Hope you understand

Thanking you


Bill Maddison