Dealership Agreement Letter

By | June 6, 2014


Joe David


Holmes Enterprises Limited



5th May 2015

Subject: Dealership agreement letter

Respected Sir,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Secure Enterprises Limited to provide the details of the dealership agreement that is entered between Secure Enterprises Limited (herein referred as the distributor), located at Main Park Street, Block B, Buckingham and Holmes Enterprises Limited (herein referred as dealer), located at Main Florida Street, Block A, Buckingham. The agreement is made as on 30th April 2014, for the period of two years. Dealer, with this agreement, agrees to enter into a non-exclusive relationship with distributor to supply their products to the end users.

With this agreement letter, we request you to kindly review the below mentioned details:

Background: The stated distributor is an established and a renowned company, supplying qualitative computer products, hardware and software.

With this dealership agreement letter, both the parties agree to following terms and conditions:

1)      Distributor has the supreme right to appoint other dealers for the direct or indirect supply of their goods and services.

2)      The products provided by the distributor to the dealer are “consumer only” products and dealers can limit the selling of these products to consumers only.

3)      Dealer and distributor hereby agree to comply with all the laws and legal obligations of selling and marketing procedures, involved in the dealership.

4)      The agreement initiates as on the stated effective date and is to be effectively terminated two years later. But the agreement can be terminated by either party upon serving 30 days prior notice.

5)      Dealer would put in his best effort to sell and market distributor’s products and would follow all regulations and policies. Other details and prospective of the dealership agreement are mentioned in the enclosed documents

Please let us know if you need any further information regarding the agreement.

Thanking you.


Darwin Eric

Marketing Head

Secure Enterprises Limited