Cute Break Up Letter

By | August 17, 2013


Sam Nathan

A-67, first floor, Marks buildings

Q-square, Los Angeles

Contact number: 4709303505

Dear Sam,

Hope you are doing well at your end in Los Angeles.

From the past few days, I have observed that both of us haven’t been giving each other enough time. Sometimes, days pass and we don’t have a substantial conversation. I don’t blame you for it as even I have been keeping busy due to tight schedules and deadlines at work. Moreover, ever since you have moved to LA, it has been very difficult for us to meet as often as we used to and see each other whenever we wanted. Infact, due to these reasons, we have also been fighting and arguing a lot lately and that has started affecting my work, my mind and my mood. I think even you know that it is high time we give each other a release from this long distance relationship and continue being friends like before. Let’s take a little time off this disturbing period and get back when we feel the time is right. I hope that that time comes and we embrace each other with love once again

Hope you understand and agree with me. Please write back.

Nancy Drew

New York