Customer Service Complaint Letter

By | September 28, 2014

A customer service complaint letter is often written because of the unsatisfactory services offered to the customer. The letter is normally addressed to the firm and should be written in a formal tone. It should contain a description of the incident which led to your complaint.

Sample Customer Service Complaint Letter


Mr. John Smith,


ABC Store,

56-H, Park Street,


Date: 21.7.14

Dear Mr. Smith,

Subject: customer service complaint letter

I am writing this letter to lodge an official complaint about the unsatisfactory customer service that I received in your store located at Park Street on 15th July.

I have been visiting your store for a long time period now but the last time I visited your store, I was completely disappointed with the kind of service offered. When I walked into the store, I kept wandering for almost 5 minutes before any of the staff stepped in to ask my requirements. I was completely treated as invisible for those 5 minutes which felt insulting. After I was asked about my requirements, the staff members were very casual and kept refusing about the other varieties available in the stock.

When I could not find anything suitable and tried to walk out of the store, I even overheard a disgraceful comment from one of the staff members which was beyond my tolerance. I tried to lodge a complaint immediately but was informed that I had to go through a formal complaint procedure which is why I am writing a letter to you.

Kindly go through my complaint and take appropriate measures to teach and train your staff about ethics and basic manners.

Thanks for going through my complaint.


Sarah Parker.