Credit Inquiry Removal Letter

By | June 21, 2015

Credit Inquiry removal letter is a complain letter sent by the debtor to someone or to a loan company in which there was unlawful inquiry to someone’s credit account. The debtor indicates the cause of the dispute and the grounds that was breech to cause the said event, it also indicates the legal steps that the debtor may undertake to reprimand the suspect on the incident.

From: Mr. Gold Digga

#23 Diamond Building, Ponce

Kula, Finland, #293

From: Ms. Frich Gwert

#34 Gerd Building, Brich

Budapest, Poland, #122

Dated: April 23, 2015

Dear Maam,

RE: Unauthorized Credit Inquiry  on my Credit Report

Hello Mam, I noticed that my account on my Credit card was unlawfully seek to view my whole bank statement by someone on your company or by lending company itself- Brutz Lending company. As long s my memory serves me right I do not recall anyone to view my bank account. I know that you already breech the Fair Credit Reporting Act Section 1681b(c). Now I want a proof regarding the incident that I allow someone on your company to make an inquiry regarding my credit card account, three days since from now it should be in the said address above. Your report should be notarized and written under oath with a lawyer or attorneys presence just to make sure its validity.

If you fail to do the plea above, I assume that it is prejudice to my rights and damaging to my career, if still this incident happens, your company should compensate me for the sum of $50,000 for the unlawful act done. I am willing to file a lawsuit regarding this incident and to the necessary things to make those who did this thing. Please be advised that if this debt isn’t verified according to the Fair Debt Collections Act. You must delete this recording from my credit reports and remove my file that you get on your company.


Gold Digga