Cover Letter Example

By | March 13, 2009

Mr. Black Smith,


Joe and Toes Smithy,

321 Ford Street,


23rd January, 2007 

Dear Mr. Smith, 

I am a graduate of art school who majored in metal work. I am specifically interested in art work involving gold. I read your advertisement in the Posted Weekly on the 22nd of January for an intern in your Goldsmith. I believe I am the right candidate for the position and I would be grateful for your consideration.  

My final year project work was based on gold art work. I have enclosed photos of some of my gold piece designs. As you will see I am quite particular about the finer details of my work, which I believe is a trademark of the pieces that your goldsmith produces. I believe I will add an authentic touch to the pieces you produce.  

I look forward to your favorable reply, 

Yours faithfully, 

Hear Ally.