Corporate Sponsorship Proposal Letter

By | July 16, 2011


Eric Lawman,

State Architecture University of Florida


Mr Harry,

Marketing manager,

Royale Constructions Ltd

Dear Mr Harry,

This letter has been drafted to put forward a proposal from the students of the State Architecture University of Florida. The proposal is regarding the sponsorship of the annual architecture fest which our college organises every year. Last year, the fest has resulted in attracting over whelming crowd of 40,000 just within span of 7 days. Hence, this year, we have decided it to make it even grander by making it a 10 day event with more and more people to pour in.

This event not only attracts the architecture students from all over the city but it also results in magnetising the potential consumers for the construction industry and hence the firms from the construction industry sponsor this event whole heartedly. You have been our sponsor for the last 4 years and hence we have approached immediately after deciding that the event should be held grander. Hoping to fetch your sponsorship,

Yours faithfully,

Eric Lawman