Contract Letter Of Intent

By | July 16, 2011


Mr Lawrence,

D-4, Warrington Boulevard,



Mr Philippe,

F-A-7, Billboard Apartments,

Privet Archway,


Dear Mr Philippe,

This letter has been drafted to put forward the legal matters as per the conclusions which were drawn in the last meeting between the two of us. The contract has to be extended for another 11 months as per the discussions. However, the changes in the classes have to be implemented in the new legal contract between the two of us for the coming 11 months. These changes have been discussed for a considerable number of times. Still, I am enclosing a copy of amendments in the clauses of the target to be achieved by the end of the 11 month contract.

Last couple of contracts between the two of us have resulted in desirable results and I am hoping that the intentions for the target to be achieved through this contract shall be fulfilled in the same way. Looking forward for yet another successful contract between the two of us,

Yours faithfully,

Mr Lawrence