Consent Letter From Landlord

By | September 18, 2014

When a tenant decides to get work done on the rented property, he/she will require permission from the landlord. It is at this time that a consent letter from the landlord is required so that there are no future complications. In the letter the landlord needs to specify that he/she is aware of the work to be done in the property and also the restrictions that the tenant needs to adhere to.

Sample Consent Letter From The Landlord


Mr. Caleb Marin

77 Frankel Way


Maryland 20404

Dated: 08.01.2014


Mr. Marin

Subject: Consent letter for work on my property

I, Wren McCallister, the landlord of the property in 77 Frankel Way, Hagerstown, Maryland 20404 do hereby give my consent for the plumbing work that you are going to get done on 08.10.2014.


It is my understanding that there has been some leakage and seepage in the two washrooms in the above mentioned property that I own and you need to get it fixed at the earliest. Please however make sure that you will not change any pipe routes that have already been laid out in the house. If there is a dire need of making such alterations or changes then I need to be notified and it is only after my consent that you will go ahead with them.


Please understand that I will pay $500 for the work and you need to pay the rest of the amount. I hope there is no confusion regarding this as the money that I am liable to pay will be deducted from your monthly rent.


Please reach out to me for further queries.


Yours Sincerely

Wren McCallister