Consent Letter From Director

By | September 17, 2014

A consent letter from director is one which is written by a director in order to provide his consent for a task/activity. It could be the director of a film, the director of a company or the director of a medical or educational institution who needs to give permission to a person belonging to the same unit to perform an activity or assume a role. The tone of the letter needs to be formal and the director needs to specify the details of work for which he/she is giving consent.

Sample Consent Letter From Director


Dr. Jackson Morrow


Alpha Medical Center



Dated: 08.01.2014


Dear Dr. Morrow

Subject: Consent Letter for Charity Work

This letter is my consent for your request to be able to provide charity and voluntary services at the Little Hearts Orphanage, Monterey California.

Your work as a pediatric surgeon has been exemplary and we are very proud of all the landmarks you have achieved thereby helping this medical institution reach great heights. It gives me immense pleasure to allow you to provide voluntary services for the young children. There have been other doctors too who have shown interest in the same cause and they shall be happy to assist you. Please select your team and provide me with a roster specifying the days and hours that you will spend for your voluntary services.

You must however keep in mind that your voluntary services do not hinder your work hours in this institution. You have several patients and this medical center holds the health of people coming here at the highest priority.

From the entire management team of the Alpha Medical Center, we wish you and your team the very best for this upcoming project.

Yours Sincerely

Sarah Wayne

Director, Alpha Medical Center