Consent Letter For Passport

By | September 20, 2014

A consent letter for passport is written by a parent or guardian of a child (an individual under the age of 16) whose passport needs to be made. The parent or guardian needs to provide this consent letter stating that he/she has no problem in the passport application process of the minor. This letter is submitted to a viable travel agency or an authorized passport application acceptance facility along with other relevant documents. Sample letter is given below.

Sample Consent Letter For Passport


Consul General

7 Huntington Drive

Atlanta, USA

Dated: 08.01.2014



Subject: Consent letter for passport

I, Robert Langdon do hereby verify that this is my consent letter for the application of the passport for my daughter Felicity Langdon.

Felicity was born in the USA on August 26, 2000 and the passport that was issued to her after her birth has expired. She will need to travel out of the country in the coming months owing to her prior commitments in school. Please find her birth certificate, certificate of citizenship, her expired passport and her parents’ (Mr. Robert Langdon and Mrs. Aria Langdon) citizenship details along with this letter.

I have also attached proof of our relationship along with photo identification of me, my wife and my daughter (the passport applicant) for further clarification. Also attached are two passport sized photographs for the processing for the new passport. We hope to receive the new passport at the earliest as we have completed all the paperwork.

Yours Sincerely

Robert Langdon