Congratulations Letter To Director

By | September 24, 2014

Letter of congratulations to the Director of a company has to have an element of respect in it together with the congratulatory note. Your words need to be sincere and express a genuine pleasure in congratulating the recipient. You could also include some anecdote to tell the director what you appreciate in his personality. Find below a sample of a letter of congratulations to the director of the company.

Sample Congratulations Letter to Director


The Director

AcuShell Technologies

57/12 Close Circular Lane


Date 5.9.14


Dear Sir,

I take this opportunity to congratulate you on behalf of all the staff at AcuShell Technologies on your appointment as the Director of the company. It took some time for the management to zero in on the right candidate, but in the end we were all pleased to know who was the final person was to get the coveted post.

We have worked with you in previous years and we know what a straightforward, honest person you are. You are helpful and compassionate towards your co-workers as well as juniors.

Your optimism even in the face of adversities is infectious and has enthused us on so many occasions to achieve our work targets.

The Management’s well thought out decision to promote you as the director of the company has made all of us at AcuShell Technologies immensely happy and hopeful to work towards a better prospect for the company’s future. May God be with you in your endeavour!

Congratulations once again from all of us at AcuShell Technologies!


Staff at AcuShell Technologies