Congratulation Letter to Sales Team

By | September 25, 2014

The sales team of any company is the income generator of the organization. The pressure of meeting targets and the stress that goes with it are tremendous. As a manager of a sales team it is a good idea to boost the morale of your team with periodic reviews and pep talk. In addition to verbal accolades you could write a letter to acknowledge your appreciation of the hard work that your team has put into the work and these are known as congratulation letter to sales team.  Below is a sample of the letter you may address to your sales team to congratulate them on achieving their targets.

Sample Congratulation Letter to Sales team


Team members of sales team

ABC Limited

Square Part


Date: 6th August, 2014

Hello my dear Team Members,

It gives me immense pleasure to write to you today to congratulate you on the phenomenal success you achieved on this quarter’s targets. I know it was a tough month and the channels were dry. Customer sentiments were low due to the recent slowdown in the economy and to get them to invest needed a lot of precise planning, coordination and motivation.

However in spite of all the difficulties I mentioned above, you all proved that you are undoubtedly the best sales team that a company could have. Kudos to each one of you for having achieved this. You have made me proud to be heading this team and I do hope that the months ahead will see you working with equal zeal and enthusiasm to achieve all targets and transcend them as well.

Great going guys. Keep it up!

Matthew Adams,

Sales Manager

ABC Limited