Congratulation Letter for Event

By | September 24, 2014

While writing a letter of congratulation to the organizers of an event, try to include the high points of the event and reasons why you think it was a successful event. Also include your thanks to let you be a part of that event and a note few words on how much you enjoyed it. Below is a sample of a letter of congratulations for an event.

Sample Congratulation Letter for an Event


Mr. Mark Anthony

Gorchet Road

By Lane 74/3


Date – 5.9.14

Sub: Congratulations for successful “ Be Toegther Event”

Dear Mr. Anthony,

This is with reference to your latest “Be Together Event” that was organised on 1st of September, 2014. It was a wonderfully successful event and I sure had a blast. Starting from the invitation card on the little lamps to the music to the invitee list and the food, fun and the decorations, everything was well thought out and spoke of good planning and a careful eye to details.

I particularly liked the games you threw in to break the ice between the guests who were new each other, as also the seating arrangements that made it imperative that guests do not form themselves into close groups. The seating arrangements actually helped me make a few more connections with new people and will surely help me in my networking.

The gifts that you gave away at the end was also a wonderfully thought out idea, as you made perfect use of the digital cameras and on the spot printing of the photographs as take away gifts. The photographs were lovely too. What a colourful fun extravaganza! I feel delighted to have been a part of this event and thank you for inviting me to it.

Congratulations once again!


Joe Matthew

ABC Limited