Complaint Letter to A Subordinate

By | January 13, 2015

At workplace if an employee has a problem with a subordinate which needs to be addressed by the superiors, then he or she can write a complaint letter to subordinate as a warning action. This letter is strictly official which is going to be kept in the employee file as a record, so one has to be very careful about the wordings of the letter. Here is a sample complaint letter to a subordinate.

Sample Complaint Letter to A Subordinate:


Mr. Frank Poland,

Marketing Executive,

P.Q.R Technologies Ltd,

South Wellington Road, 2345,

New York, SA 12345

Date: 9th October, 2014

Dear Mr. Poland,

It is with much reluctance I am writing this letter to notify you that your performance in the company and behavior with subordinates is not as per the standard expected from you. I have received several complaints about your behavior and we had a verbal discussion on the same last month if you remember.

As you are aware, you are lagging far behind in your monthly targets for the past several months and it is below the acceptable range. Also you are not submitting your monthly reports on time even after many reminders.

I have received complaints about your inappropriate behavior with your subordinates. The disciplinary committee has reviewed this matter seriously and you are alerted in this regard.

If your performance and behavior are not improved further, you may have to face severe disciplinary actions including de-promotion and expulsion.

With this I hope there will be change in your actions and performance as I respectfully warned you in this regard.


Alicia Williams

Marketing Manager

P.Q.R Technologies Ltd.