Complaint Letter Format

By | June 1, 2010

Name of the Sender:

Address 1 of the Sender:

Address 2 of the Sender:


Name of the Receiver (Include Title e.g. Ms/Mr/Mrs/Dr)

Designation of the Receiver.

Address 1 of the Receiver:

Address 2 of the Receiver:

Dear (Title and Last Name)

It is always recommended that the first paragraph of the complaint should briefly speak about sender of the letter. Sender should not talk about unnecessary things. He can straightaway come to the point and keep it short and simple.

In the second paragraph, the main reason for the complaint should be mentioned. It’s better to give as many details as possible. To add credibility to the complaint, the sender must mention the enclosure of the relevant documents. If you want to save yourself from future embarrassment, keep in mind to furnish only the valid information.

You should end your letter by mentioning your contact details for further communication.


(Sender’s Name)