Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter

By | February 6, 2015

When a client’s company or customer’s business is completing a milestone, it is a good gesture to send them a Company Anniversary congratulation letter. Such a well written letter can help maintaining mutually beneficial business relations. In a company anniversary congratulation letter one can complement them for their specific achievements or complement them for their fame and name in the field. Here is a sample company anniversary congratulation letter.

Sample Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter


Joan Smith,


BCC Associates

533, Riverview Street,

New York,

NY 12344

Date: 14th October 2014

Sub: Congratulations on your company anniversary

Dear Mr. Smith,

It is with great pleasure Iam writing this letter to congratulate your company, BCC Associates on successfully completing 25 years in the business. Hearty Congratulations to you and your company on behalf of our entire team in PQR Company!

You can be proud of your achievements in the past years and the tremendous growth of your company due to the steadfast hardworking team behind it. BCC Associates have always tried and delivered the best products and services to its customers.

Your brilliant team of employees and the friendly working environment deserves special mention in achieving success in all your various ventures. Customer satisfaction remained your prime priority always, which kept you in a reputed place in the market. Also your dedicated team of employees is really proud to be working in your company which ensures their career growth as well.

We wish you and your team many more years of success and the very best for your future ventures.

Warm Regards


Mike Johnson

PQR Company