Church Anniversary Invitation Letter

By | June 27, 2014

Church anniversary invitation letter is sent to the visitors to invite them on the anniversary celebrations of the Church. This letter is written in a warm tone to inform the reader about the completion of specified years of the Church and is written to inform them about the church’s anniversary program schedule. A sample letter is given below for reference.

Sample Church Anniversary Invitation Letter


Friends and visitors


1st June 2014

Subject: Church anniversary invitation letter

Dear all,

On behalf of The Glory Church, London, UK, we are writing this letter to request you, your friends and the family members to save the date 7th July since it is the 50th anniversary celebrations of our church and we want to make sure that this day is celebrated with recognition and is remembered as a milestone.

For over so many years, group of faithful and divine pioneers joined us and offered their sincerest prayers to The Lord. We are excited to take a pause and observe this special day in the company of you all. Let us be thankful to the Lord for the celestial blessing and love and we will together mark the 50th anniversary celebrations of The Glory Church with spirituality. We have planned for enlightening prayers, lectures, motivational songs and beautiful poems, recited by the famous bands of London.

We look forward to have your esteemed presence on the occasion at 10 AM on 7th July, 2014. The celebrations would be followed by a lunch, hosted in the park that is located just behind the Church. Kindly come and enjoy the spirituality.


Leadership Team

The Glory Church