Christmas messages

By | December 10, 2015

Christmas is an occasion that is celebrated on the 25th December all around the world every year. This is a festival of supreme importance for people especially the ones who follow Christianity. This occasion marks the birth of Jesus Christ and is considered very pious. Sending Christmas messages is the best possible way to wish and express your warm feelings for the recipient. These messages are meant to be really polite and warm.

The following are a few kinds of Christmas messages based upon the recipient of the message:

  • Christmas message to friend.
  • Christmas message to boss.
  • Christmas message to colleague.
  • Christmas message to son/daughter.
  • Christmas message to employee.


There is a way and manner in which Christmas message is supposed to be written. Some people find it difficult to express their wishes. For them, here are a few tips that can be used to frame a perfect Christmas message:

  • The message should come straight from the heart and should be as warm as possible.
  • The message should be written in such a manner so that they it look genuine.
  • Fill in all the enthusiasm and happiness that you feel yourself on this occasion.
  • Be brief and do not stray away from the topic.

Christmas Messages to Friends

Christmas Messages To Employees