Charity Solicitation Letter

By | July 30, 2014

A charity solicitation letter is an important piece of document for an organization that is looking forward for fundraising. The letter must be written with a formal note and should contain a brief detail about the event. A sample letter is given below for reference.

Sample Charity Solicitation Letter


Mr. James Penn


ABC Corporation,

67-K, Mall Avenue, London.

Date: 28.6.14

Subject: Charity solicitation letter.

Dear Sir,

I am writing on behalf of St. Joseph’s Orphan House to bring to your kind notice that on 15th July, 2014, we are holding our annual charity function. In the previous years, we have raised more than $5000 through similar auctions and the event was attended by renowned names of the city. Thus this year, we are looking forward to make it even a bigger success.

Currently we are collecting funds for our event and I am writing this letter for requesting your support the same. All the collected money from the event will be spend on providing basic necessities and education to the underprivileged children of the society.

Even your small donation amount can bring a lot of difference to our event. The major attraction of the event will be skits on child labor and child abuse which will be performed by our committee members. To help you make a better decision, we have enclosed a brochure of the event along with the letter. For any further queries and assistance, kindly contact on 555-777-345. We will be glad to receive your love and support for the event.


Jane Green


St. Joseph’s Orphan House