Charity Request Rejection Letter

By | July 31, 2014

A charity request rejection letter is written as a reply to the organization that has asked for a donation for the charity. The letter must be written in a formal tone and must mention as to why the request could not be completed. A sample letter is given below for reference.

Sample Charity Request Rejection Letter


Mr. Jim Timothy,



67-K, Mall Avenue,

South London.

Date: 30.6.14

Subject: Charity request rejection letter

Dear Mr. Timothy,

I am writing this letter on behalf of ABC Limited as a response to your charity request letter which we received a few weeks ago. The event plan that you presented through your letter was quite appealing but we will not be able to provide you with donation for this year’s event.

Our organization has utilized its charity funds for this year and thus we will not be able to contribute to your event. Because we are associated with a number of charity events, we even expanded our funds to meet the demands.

Although we are unable to provide you donation with this year’s event but we have already made it a point to provide you with adequate funds next year. As your charity event is held on yearly basis kindly include us in your next year’s sponsor list. We have already jotted you down as our first preference for providing the funds for the next year.

Moreover if you need funds for any other charity event in the next financial year, kindly contact us and we will make sure to support you in your noble cause. Wishing you all the best for your event.


John White


ABC Limited