Charity Partnership Letter

By | August 1, 2014

A charity partnership letter is written with the aim to influence the potential organization/firm/individuals to become a partner in the charity event program that is being organized. The letter must contain a complete detail of the event along with the partnership details. Below given is a sample letter for reference.

Sample Charity Partnership Letter


Mr. John Anderson,


ABC Company,

45-K, Mall Avenue,

South London.

Date: 30.6.14

Subject: Charity partnership letter

Dear Mr. Anderson,

I am writing this letter n behalf of PQR Limited in order to inform you about the charity partnership opportunity for our annual charity event- “ Hope for All”.

The event is held every year and since you have partnered with us the previous years, we wish you to be our partner this year as well. Similar to the previous years, all the collected money from the event will directly go to the St. Joseph’s Orphan House.

If you partner our event, we will give you the rights to telecast the event on your local channel. With the resources and experience that we possess, we hope that our event will turn out to be a huge success this time as well.

I request you to consider the partnership opportunity with us. The guidelines and a legal partnership contract are enclosed with the letter for your review. Kindly inform us about your decision as early as possible so that we can set up a meeting and discuss about the event in detail.

Will look forward towards your positive reply.


Sarah Parker


PQR Limited