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Sales Letters

Persuasive Sales Letters In Under 15 Minutes Sales letters are very important for any business organization.  However, they are the ones that most people are wary of reading. First impression is the best impression, so a good sales letter must impress the reader in the opening lines itself.  Try and start the letter with a [...]

Sales Letter To Current Client

August 7th 2010 Messrs. Chowdhury Associates, Ranigunj, Secunderabad. Dear Sirs, I am writing this letter in appreciation of your service to this industry by regular purchase of engine piston rings from our Company in wholesale since last five years.  We thank you very much for the confidence reposed in our product and the continuous patronage [...]

General Sales Letter

12th July 2010. Mark Callahan, Executive manager, U.S Handicrafts, Minnesota. Dear Mark, Harris Handcraft Producing Co. Ltd. is the pioneer, Ukrainian handcraft manufacturer and exporter of handcrafted textiles and many other fine quality products. The scope of our market has extended to all over the world owing to the fine quality of goods produced by [...]

Lost Customer Sales Letter

Poser Investments Inc., 230 W. Santa Avenue Suite 310, Watsonville, CA 91008. 636-415-3768 805-335-1525 FAX 636-415-3767 Dear Hanna Montana, This letter is intended to regain our lost broker customer relationship during our last transaction. You were a very valuable customer to us during the past few years and we were always satisfied during our business [...]

Holiday Sales Letter

Akhil Mishra, General Manager, Andhra Bank. Kurnool, Mr. Mishra, [Subject: Happy Diwali!! Grand Diwali SALE by R.S Brothers] A very Happy Diwali season to you. This season you can impress your bank customers by providing them with best deals in R.S Brothers. This season we are providing great deal of discount of up to 60%, [...]

Selling Incentives Sales Letter

Shekar Mathur, Purchase Manager, Classmate Books, Hyderabad. Dear Mr. Mathur, It’s been a pleasure working with your company which is the leading Note Book manufacturer of the country. Classmate is the most preferred stationary brand in the country and the best thing about your brand is the paper quality of your books. You will be [...]

Product Update Sales Letter

Sunitha, La belle, Purchase Manager, New Delhi. Dear Sunitha, We are working with La belle chain of beauty spas in the city and providing you the best cosmetic product in the world with the best service for the past many years. Our company Amway, as you know is one of the best Home Need product [...]

Introductory Sales Letter

Steve Craig, Manager Asia Pacific Zone, Crooz Machinery, Bangalore. India. Dear Mr. Craig, We are the providers of quality delivery all over the world. We are in this field of delivering goods for a decade and our motto of work is time based delivery; we deliver goods on time anywhere in the world. If the [...]

Sales Letters to Past Client

Mihir Rajkot, Managing Director, Rajkot Publishers, Rajkot, India. Daer Mr. Rajkot, Very Warm greetings to you.It was really a pleasure working with you in the past.. In fact, you were one of our oldest clients and we were honored working with you and we feel very lucky to have such clients like you. Due to [...]

Hotel Sales Letter

Mr. Smith, Survey Reporter, National Geography, New York. Dear Mr. Smith, It’s hard to catch such a frequent and a busy scheduled people like you. But you will be delighted to know that our hotel, Hotel Ramada, is one of the finest hotels in the city. This to offer you the best services and hospitality [...]