Category: Good Bye Letters

Sample Good Bye Letters

Good bye letters are important in the sense that they can help you sum up your feelings while leaving a work place or a neighbourhood.  It is a good way of keeping the people you have interacted with, informed about your departure. There is no need to go into rambling details about the reasons for [...]

Student Goodbye Letter

Linda Richardson, Teacher, Green International School, New York-11701 June 10, 2011 Dear Madam, It has been so long since you are teaching me in the school. This is my last standard in this school and after this I will have to take admission in another school. I have already appeared the examination. So I would [...]

Goodbye Letter to Government

Robert Williamsons, President, Williamsons and Brothers Inc, Washington-99006 June 10, 2011 Federal Government, Urban Development Department, Washington Dear Sir/Madam, I with this letter would like to thank you to the federal government once again for showing its interest in our company for the construction of Flyover Bridge in the city. We were given this project [...]

Goodbye Letter to Employee

Richard Davis, Assistant Sales Manager, ABC and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 10, 2011 Dear Mr. Richard, We have heard that you are voluntarily terminating your job from this company. You have been working in this company as Assistant Sales Manager for last five years and during these five years you got recognition in everyone’s [...]

Funny Goodbye Letter

Dear Mary, It has been so long since we became friends and it has also been so long since you are bearing me. I know you do not want bear me anymore. So your wish is really going to be true. I am leaving this country next week. I know you would be very happy [...]

Funny Goodbye Letter Classmates

Hi Friends, After studying together for last five years the time has come to be apart. I know it is tough moments for all of us but I cannot do anything about it. So I would like to bid my hearty farewell to all of you. I am really going to miss you all and [...]

Goodbye Letter To Brother

Ms. Putul Kapadia Navrangpura , Ahmedabad October 21, 2010 Mr. Nitin Kapadia Pasumalai, Madurai Tamil Nadu Dearest brother, I received your letter telling me that you have been accepted for a scholarship abroad and you will be leaving the country next month.  I am so happy for you but I also cannot help but feel [...]

Goodbye Letter To Sister

Mr. Nissim Kunderan Tallakulam, Madurai Tamil Nadu March 17, 2010 Ms. Purvi Kunderan Prince Road, Moradabad Uttar Pradesh Dear sister, Mother has told me the news that you will be leaving your university soon to work abroad.  Congratulations on getting a job so soon and one that would allow you to travel to another country.  [...]

Goodbye Letter To Neighbor

Ms. Purnima Manchapora Kamarajar salai, Madurai Tamil Nadu April 21, 2010 Mr. Nishad Kunal Kamarajar salai, Madurai Tamil Nadu Dear Mr. Kunal, You have been a great neighbor to us and I want to personally say goodbye to you through this letter.  Our family will be leaving town to move abroad because I have been [...]

Goodbye Letter To Colleague

Ms. Purala Manchada Sales Staff Best Equipment, Inc. Narimedu, Madurai Tamil Nadu February 19, 2011 Mr. Nirmit Kanive Sales Staff Best Equipment, Inc. Dear Mr. Kanive, I will be leaving the company soon and I find it only proper to say goodbye to you as one of my closest colleagues at work.  My family will [...]