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Consent Letters

Letters of various categories exist but some of so much importance as the consent letters. This is because of the fact that without the response, irrespective of being positive response or negative response, the work of the concerned task cannot be forwarded. Hence, the consent letters have to be drafted in a very conscious manner. [...]

Consent Letter For Training

From, Ronald Potter, T.E. EXTC, Royal Engineering College, Denver To, Mr McGonagall, Principal, Royal Engineering College, Denver Dear Mr McGonagall, I, Ronald Potter, am writing this letter to put forward a plea for your consent for training. This training is in accordance to the industrial exposure of my academic studies until now. I have successfully [...]

Consent Letter For Property

From, Mr Warren, G-12, Placard Plaza, Miami To, Mr Buffet, CRZ Ministry, Florida Dear Mr Buffet, I, Mr Warren, am writing this letter to seek consent from you, on the behalf of the CRZ Ministry of Florida. This consent is required for the construction of a helipad at our commercial centre in the city of [...]

Consent Letter For Project

From, Mr Neville, OIY Constructions Ltd, Monaco To, Mrs Lawrence, Environment and Forest ministry, Monaco Dear Mrs Lawrence, This letter has come into effect to seek the consent of the Environment and Forest ministry for a certain project which our firm, OIY Constructions Ltd, is looking forward to accomplish. The details of the project are [...]

Parents Consent Letter

From, Jessica, LKI Girl’s Hostel, Denver To, Mrs Wesley, E-12, Sterling heights, Edinburgh Dearest Mom, This is Jessica on the other side talking to you. I hope everyone there is in the pink of health. You might be wondering as to why I am talking to you in this way. The thing is that, I [...]

Travel Consent Letter

From, Jacob, Sterling Boys Hostel, Edinburgh To, Mr Williamson, D-15, Privet Drive, King’s Cross Dear father, I hope this letter finds you in the pink of your and Mamma’s health. Dad, I am writing this letter to seek permission from you and Mom for a holiday tour. After the term end, certain fellow students of [...]

Research Consent Letter

From, Mr Draco, D-7, Bridgeton Alley, Houston To, Mrs Watson, Houston University of Archaeology, Houston Dear Mrs Watson, I, Mr Draco, am writing this letter to seek your consent, advice and expertise in my research for the fossil survey in D-E3 ward of the archaeological defined area of Houston. I have acquired the necessary permissions [...]

Sample Consent Letter

From, Mr Jonathan, Marketing manager, Sterling mall, London To, Mr David, Head of Marketing department, Sterling mall, London Dear Mr David, I, Mr Jonathan, am writing this letter in response to your directions of devising certain marketing strategies for the upcoming festive season. There are certain marketing strategies which I have come up with and [...]

Consent Letter Template

From, Jessica Smithsonian, Rosetta Girls Hostel, Worcestershire To, Mrs Smithsonian, D-12, Kingsley drive, Rotterdam Dear mom, I hope this letter finds you in the best of health. Mom, I heard from Dad yesterday. He says he will not be back until the 21st and I reckon you know as well. Mom, I am writing this [...]

Consent Letter Format

From, Isabella Gomes, T. E. EXTC, Richmond College of Engineering, Denver To, Mrs Braganza, Principal, Richmond College of Engineering, Denver Dear Mrs Braganza, This is Isabella Gomes, a third year EXTC degree engineering student, writing this letter to seek your consent for participating in a competition organised during the annual event of Viceroy Engineering College. [...]