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Complaint Letters

How to write Complaint Letters Complaint letters are an effective way of expressing the customer’s/consumer’s dissatisfaction with a product or service.  They are better than a verbal complaint as the written word always yields more power than a verbal one.  Here are a few tips to help you write an effective Complaint letter: One of [...]

Labor Complaint Letter

Daniel Thomas, 856, Albertson, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 William Albert, Albert Construction Company, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Albert, Sub- Complaint about the non-payment labor charges I with this would like to make complaint against your manager that he has not paid my labor charges for last three months. I have been working with your [...]

Job complaint Letter

Mark Davidson, Assistant Manager, ABC and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Brian Anderson, HRD Head and Admin, ABC and Co Inc, Dear Mr. Brian, Sub- Complaint about the job I would like to make a complaint about the job that I have been appointed. During the recruitment I was told that I would [...]

Builders Complaint Letter

Steven Martinez, Managing Director, New Builders Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Richard White, 563, Amityville, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Steven, I would like to make complaint against your project in the city that you have planned. I would like to make you aware that the place where you have planned your project to be [...]

Contractors Complaint Letter

David Brown, Brown and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 01, 2011 Mark Richardson, Richardson New York Contractors, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Mark Sub- Complaint about the delay in the construction I would like to make complaint through this letter that you have not been doing well with the speed of construction of the building whose [...]

Companies Complaint Letter

Donald Harris, Purchase Manager, Purchase Department, ABC and Sons Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Jimmy Anderson, Proprietor, Anderson Suppliers Inc, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Jimmy, Sub- Complaint about the delay of delivery supplies I with this letter would like to make complaint about the delay of delivery of the material that we ordered you [...]

Response To Complaint Letter

Ms. Govindi Jasthi Customer Service Representative Best Electronics, Inc. Bilga, Jalandhar, 144036 January 16, 2011 Mr. Fahad Ghani Phillaur, Jalandhar- 144410 Dear Mr. Ghani, This is a response to your complaint letter dated January 10 about a defective air-conditioning unit which you purchased from our store.  My sales staff have already checked your receipt and [...]

Item Defect Complaint Letter

Ms. Pavana Chikodi Jalandhar City, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar- 144008 December 16, 2011 Mr. Fadi Jaspal Customer Service Officer Best Electronics Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310 Dear Mr. Jaspal, I purchased an air-conditioning unit from your store last week which I would like to complain about.  The unit was installed by your technician the day after I bought [...]

Delivery Complaint Letter

Ms. Gool Garlanka Basti Danishmanda Jalandhar- 144002 February 19, 2011 Mr. Naresh Ghandi Sales Manager 123 Kitchenware, Inc. Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310 Dear Mr. Ghandi, I want to air my complaint over the delivery of the products I purchased from your store last week.  I purchased ten units of microwave ovens from your store which was [...]

Colleague Complaint Letter

Ms. Patala Jasmit Sales Staff Best Sales Co. Mohanpur, Garha Jalandhar- 144022 April 19, 2010 Mr. Narendra Chiba Human Resources Officer Best Sales Co. Dear Mr. Chiba, This letter is a formal complaint over the conduct of one of my colleagues in the sales department, Mr. Farooq Gandhi.  He has consistently abused me emotionally for [...]