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Customer Complaint Apology Letter

To, Eric Watson Customer House Number 43, Main Backyard Street Nottingham UK 26th April 2014 Subject: Customer complaint apology letter Dear customer, We are writing this letter on behalf of Marine’s Enterprises Limited. After reading your complaint letter, we owe you our deepest apologies for the poor delivery of the services and infantile behaviour of […]

Complaint Letters

How to write Complaint Letters Complaint letters are an effective way of expressing the customer’s/consumer’s dissatisfaction with a product or service.  They are better than a verbal complaint as the written word always yields more power than a verbal one.  Here are a few tips to help you write an effective Complaint letter: One of […]

Labor Complaint Letter

Daniel Thomas, 856, Albertson, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 William Albert, Albert Construction Company, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Albert, Sub- Complaint about the non-payment labor charges I with this would like to make complaint against your manager that he has not paid my labor charges for last three months. I have been working with your […]

Job complaint Letter

Mark Davidson, Assistant Manager, ABC and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Brian Anderson, HRD Head and Admin, ABC and Co Inc, Dear Mr. Brian, Sub- Complaint about the job I would like to make a complaint about the job that I have been appointed. During the recruitment I was told that I would […]

Builders Complaint Letter

Steven Martinez, Managing Director, New Builders Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Richard White, 563, Amityville, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Steven, I would like to make complaint against your project in the city that you have planned. I would like to make you aware that the place where you have planned your project to be […]

Contractors Complaint Letter

David Brown, Brown and Co Inc, New York-11701 June 01, 2011 Mark Richardson, Richardson New York Contractors, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Mark Sub- Complaint about the delay in the construction I would like to make complaint through this letter that you have not been doing well with the speed of construction of the building whose […]

Companies Complaint Letter

Donald Harris, Purchase Manager, Purchase Department, ABC and Sons Inc, New York-11701 June 08, 2011 Jimmy Anderson, Proprietor, Anderson Suppliers Inc, New York-11701 Dear Mr. Jimmy, Sub- Complaint about the delay of delivery supplies I with this letter would like to make complaint about the delay of delivery of the material that we ordered you […]

Response To Complaint Letter

Ms. Govindi Jasthi Customer Service Representative Best Electronics, Inc. Bilga, Jalandhar, 144036 January 16, 2011 Mr. Fahad Ghani Phillaur, Jalandhar- 144410 Dear Mr. Ghani, This is a response to your complaint letter dated January 10 about a defective air-conditioning unit which you purchased from our store.  My sales staff have already checked your receipt and […]

Item Defect Complaint Letter

Ms. Pavana Chikodi Jalandhar City, Adarsh Nagar, Jalandhar- 144008 December 16, 2011 Mr. Fadi Jaspal Customer Service Officer Best Electronics Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310 Dear Mr. Jaspal, I purchased an air-conditioning unit from your store last week which I would like to complain about.  The unit was installed by your technician the day after I bought […]

Delivery Complaint Letter

Ms. Gool Garlanka Basti Danishmanda Jalandhar- 144002 February 19, 2011 Mr. Naresh Ghandi Sales Manager 123 Kitchenware, Inc. Nakodar, Jalandhar- 141310 Dear Mr. Ghandi, I want to air my complaint over the delivery of the products I purchased from your store last week.  I purchased ten units of microwave ovens from your store which was […]