Category: Appeal Letters

Medical Authorization Appeal Letter

A Financial Aid Suspension Appeal Letter is written by a person to appeal the higher authorities to suspend the already granted financial aid. The letter must mention the reason due to which the appeal for suspension is made and other necessary details. The letters are generally enclosed with the documents supporting the appeal for suspension. […]

Job Evaluation Appeal Letter

Job Evaluation appeal letter is written by employees to the Human Resource Manager for evaluation of their job performances under certain cases like, the evaluation has been stopped in middle or if evaluation result is not satisfactory. Here is the sample of the Job Evaluation Appeal letter. Sample Job Evaluation Appeal letter To, The HR […]

Academic Appeal Letter

With the help of an academic appeal letter, a student of any school, college or an educational institute can raise an appeal against the decision taken by the Board. This letter gives a student a chance to explain his or her set of circumstances and is written in a formal tone. A sample letter is […]

Property Appraisal Appeal Letter

To, Kurt Bane Appraisal Department Head Real Estate Appraisal Authority 89 Moore Rose Avenue Sin City, Las Vegas 8976 Dated: 6th of June 2012 Subject: Letter for appraisal of property Respected Mr. Bane, This letter is to appeal for the appraisal of the property owned by me located at 56 Oxford High Lane, Sin City […]

Property Assessment Appeal Letter

To, Neil Diamond Property Assessment Manager Iowa Municipality Department 89 Indiana Polis Street California, Iowa 7890 Dated: 3rd of June 2012 Subject: Appeal letter against property assessment Respected Mr. Diamond, This letter is in regards to the property assessment conducted by your department of the property owned by me located at 54 Rover Brain Road, […]

Tax Assessment Appeal Letter

To, Laura Marsh Tax Assessment Manager State of Iowa Tax Department 65 Earn High Street Hilly Wood, Los Angeles 7890 Dated: 3rd of June 2012 Subject: Appeal letter against tax assessment Respected Mrs. Marsh, This letter is in regards to the tax assessment conducted by your department on my financial statements and the assets owned […]

Job Application Appeal Letter

To, Henry Cooper Marketing Department Head RG Group of Companies 89 Yankee Doodle Street New York, New Jersey 4590 Dated: 7th of June 2012 Subject: Appeal for job position of marketing executive Respected Mr. Cooper, This letter is in regards to the advertisement posted by your organization in the classified section of Times News on […]

Job Rejection Appeal Letter

To, Henry James Manager of Recruitment Aspen Group of Companies 67 Universal High Street, East London, UK 7890 Dated: 30th of June 2012 Subjection: Appeal against job rejection Respected Mr. James, This letter is in regards to the job interview that I had appeared for on 15th of June 2012 for the position of a […]

Appeal letters

Appeal letters are formal letters written to seek help of some sort from the reader. At the outset, introduce yourself, what you are seeking and how you want the reader to help you.  The opening statement of the letter is important as it lets the reader form an opinion about you. Appeal letters will have […]

Commercial Appeal Letter

William Jones, Jones Tyres Suppliers Inc, 526, Atlantic Beach, Florida-32224 June 07, 2011 James Smith, President, Smith Motors America, Florida-32224, Dear Sir, I was stunned when I heard the news that you had cancelled your order for 1000 tyres with our company that you had placed in the last month. We have arranged fifty percent […]