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Appeal letters

Appeal letters are formal letters written to seek help of some sort from the reader. At the outset, introduce yourself, what you are seeking and how you want the reader to help you.  The opening statement of the letter is important as it lets the reader form an opinion about you. Appeal letters will have [...]

Commercial Appeal Letter

William Jones, Jones Tyres Suppliers Inc, 526, Atlantic Beach, Florida-32224 June 07, 2011 James Smith, President, Smith Motors America, Florida-32224, Dear Sir, I was stunned when I heard the news that you had cancelled your order for 1000 tyres with our company that you had placed in the last month. We have arranged fifty percent [...]

Medical Insurance Appeal Letter

Daniel Thompson, 856, Benson, Arizona-85602 June 07, 2011 Arizona Insurance Company, Arizona-85602 Dear Sir/Madam, I have made application of medical insurance of my health with your company in the last month. I had chosen Keep Healthy Plan of your company in the application. I stunned when I saw your letter that my application for the [...]

Clinic Insurance Appeal Letter

Dr. David Martin, Martin Health Clinic, 523, Benson, Arizona-85602 June 07, 2011 Thomson General Insurance Co., Arizona-85602, Dear Sir/Madam, I have made application for the insurance of my clinic to your company in month of Jan 2011. I have yet not received any response from your company in this regard. I have made application in [...]

Hospital Insurance Appeal Letter

Dr. Thomas Taylor, Thomas Charitable Hospital, 1253, Baldwin Park, California-92308 June 07, 2011 California Insurance Company, California-92308 Dear Sir/Madam, I had made an application to your company for the insurance of my hospital in the last month. I stunned when I heard that my application for the insurance of my hospital has been rejected by [...]

Hospital Appeal Letter

George Martin, Albertson, 880 New York- 11701 June 07, 2011 New York Public Hospital, New York-11701 Dear Sir/Madam, I have been admitted to your hospital for several months. During this period I have undergone various tests and checkups. Event after all these things I have yet not noticed any improvement in my health. I am [...]

Professional Appeal Letter

Ms. Adi Amra Professor Kolkata School Joka, Kolkata – 700 104 December 16, 2011 Mr. Trigun Chittoor Human Resources Officer Kolkata School Dear Mr. Chittoor, This is to appeal for your reconsideration regarding my promotion as Assistant Professor.  I believe that I have the necessary requirements and credentials to merit me the promotion. I have [...]

Solicitation Appeal Letter

Ms. Adhira Ghoshal President Photography Club-India N S Bose Road, Kolkata 700040 December 16, 2011 Mr. Ravi Amarnath President Excellent Company BG 180 – Sector II ,Kolkata-700091 Dear Mr. Amarnath, In behalf of our group, I would like to appeal for reconsideration to our solicitation letter which we sent to your office last month.  I [...]

Financial Help Appeal Letter

Ms. Achit Ahsen President India Writers’ Club Moira Street, Kolkata – 700 017 January 26, 2011 Mr. Ratul Chitrangda President Best Company Sarat Bose Road,Kolkata-700020 Dear Mr. Chitrangda, We received your letter informing us that you have not approved our request for financial help for the activity we will be holding next month.  We were [...]

Deadline Extension Appeal Letter

Ms. Achira Chitnis Director Kolkata School Anandapur, Kolkata 700107 December 16, 2011 Mr. Trambak Ghosh President Photography Club-India N S Bose Road, Kolkata 700040 Dear Mr. Ghosh, I write to you this letter to appeal for the extension of the deadline for submission of entries to your group’s photography contest.  My students have prepared a [...]