Cancellation of Membership Letter

By | January 16, 2015

Cancellation of Membership Letter is a letter written by a member of any hotel, club, gym, library, etc. to that enterprise regarding request for cancellation of his/her membership at that place. The letter must mention about the appropriate and correct reason for cancelling the membership. Given below is a sample letter for the same purpose.

Sample Cancellation of Membership Letter:


Jack Flynn

LZW House

5 High Street

Hedel End


SO87 5NG

United Kingdom

Subject: Cancellation of Membership Letter

Dear Sir,

My name is Michael Clarke and I have been a member of your hotel since last 5 years. My membership number is 568743. I would like to cancel my membership at your hotel.

I am getting transferred next month and therefore, I won’t be able to avail the services of your hotel. The services at your hotel are really excellent and I am very satisfied with them. The food at various restaurants in your hotel is very delicious. The annual privileges that you provide to your members are also very good. I had fabulous experience with your hotel and would happily recommend the membership to my friends and relatives. Just maintain the services of your hotel at the same level and I am sure that you will never ever get any unsatisfied member.

My association with you as a member had been really wonderful. If possible, I would love to be your member again in future. Please let me know if any formalities need to be completed for cancelling the membership.


Michael Clarke