Business Travel Authorization Letter

By | July 22, 2014

A business travel authorization letter is a formally drafted letter which is used by a business organization to authorize an employee to make a business trip and attend a business meeting overseas or outside the city on its behalf. These letters are used for granting official permission to the employee to act and take the business meeting decisions.

Sample Business Travel Authorization Letter


Bill Peterson

Managing Director

Johnson and Peterson Corporation

Birmingham, UK

Date: 25th May 2014

Subject: business travel authorization letter

Dear Mr. Peterson,

I, Jack Reynolds, the MD of Reynolds IT Company am writing this letter to inform you that I won’t be able to attend the business meeting to be held in Birmingham on 30th May 2014 and am thus formally authorizing the Vice Marketing Manager-Mr. Tim Brooks to act on the company’s behalf. The meeting is regarding the marketing strategies to be used by Reynolds IT Company in the next 12 months and I assure you that Mr. Brooks holds all capacity to take the wise decisions about the same.

I appreciate that Johnson and Peterson Corporation has taken out time to conduct this meeting to discuss possible future marketing strategies and options. As much as I want to be present myself, I believe that Mr. Tim will be the right person to act for the job. Please allow him to sign the necessary documents on Reynolds IT Company’s behalf. If you need to confirm this or have any questions, kindly email me at my official email address.

Thanking you

Jack Reynolds


Reynolds IT Company