Business Order Letter

By | November 16, 2011


Fred Nicholson

W-90, first floor

Markson tower

New York

Respected Mr. Fred

Subject: To place an order for products produced by your business organisation

We are really pleased to inform you that we have considered your business request and are willing to correspond with you by placing an order of suitings and shirtings with you. Your brand called ‘Paul clothing line’ is not only reputed but is also highly popular among people and we wish to make use of that for our benefit.

The order we are willing to place is as follows:

Suiting cloth: 1000m

Shirting cloth: 1000m

The colours we wish to order are as follows:  black, blue and brown in equal quantities.

We wish to receive the delivery as soon as possible and if any cloth material is defected, then it will be returned as it is. For further details, please feel free to contact us on 47309340448.

Thanking you

Bill Timothy