Business Letters

By | August 14, 2010


In our day to day conduct, we are more often than not faced with the task of writing business letters.  The reasons could be many, but the importance of these letters can never be underestimated.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind while writing a business letter:

It is in your best interests, to address a business letter to a particular person rather than a designation.  For example, while writing a New Product Introduction letter it is better to address it to a person by name rather than just say “To, The General Manager”.  When you write to a particular person, it adds a personal touch and immediately catches their attention.

Business letters must be written in a warm and polite tone without being overtly personal.  It is important to maintain the delicate balance between being civil and cordial without being over friendly or imposing and demanding.

It is better to keep the letters short and simple.  As time is an important factor in business, a long and rambling letter would not hold the reader’s attention thereby defeating the whole purpose of your writing.

It is best to stick to a straight-forward style of writing without using flowery language.

The letter must start with a friendly opening and go on to state the purpose of the letter.  The letter could be to introduce your business, like the Business Introduction letter or a letter to Strengthen Relationship with Clients.

The subsequent paragraphs must justify the aim of the letter by furnishing further details.

The closing paragraphs should reiterate the reasons for writing the letter and thank the reader for his/her time.

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