Business Letter Writing Format

Return Address line 1

Return Address line 2

(Double space)

Date (Month Day, Year)

(Double space)

Mr. /Mrs. / Ms. /Dr. Name of recipient

Title of Recipient

Company Name

Recipients Address

(Double space)

Salutation-Dear Mr. /Mrs. / Ms. /Dr. Last Name, To Whom It May Concern,

(Double space)

Subject Title

(Double space)

Body Paragraph 1–The body contains the subject matter of the letter.

Body Paragraph 2: Goes into detail regarding the subject of the letter.

Body Paragraph 3: Gives the next step that will be taken in regard to what the letter was about.

(Double space)

Complimentary Closing -This section is at the end of the letter. Use: Yours faithfully if it is to an unknown recipient and sincerely or Sincerely Yours if it is to a known recipient. Other acceptable business letter close includes: Regards, Cordially, Very Sincerely Yours and Respectfully Yours.

(Double space)


Printed Name


(Double space)

Enclosure -List attached document copies

(Double space)

Reference Initials 

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