Business Friendship Letters

By | June 22, 2013


Larry King

Store Owner

Allen Coffee and Tea Store

56 Yankee Doodle Lane

New York, New Jersey 3490

Dated: 23rd of June 2012

Subject: Invitation to do business

Dear Larry,

I have heard a lot about your coffee and tea store and would say that it indeed has earned a lot of reputation in the locality. I would like to put forward a business proposal to you.

I am planning to start a street side café serving tea and coffee to passer bys. I would require a steady supply of tea leaves and coffee beans in order to run my business. I would like you to supply me tea leaves and coffee beans. I am aware about the different flavors of tea leaves and blends of coffee beans you sell at your shop. If I use them at my cafe, it would help me to attract more customers and maximize profits for my business. Initially I may not be able to pay you but I assure you that as soon I sell my first stock I would clear all your debts.

I want to do this business with you on friendly terms and hope you also agree to it.


Brian Singer