Business Contract Termination Letter

By | November 4, 2013


Mr. Anthony Breetle

Managing Director

Floyd Surgical Equipments Ltd

#54, Stamped Road

London, UK

Date: 20-09-2013

Sub: Termination intimation of business contract: Ref- 876540 dated 02-02-2012

Respected Mr. Breetle,

With reference to the telecom discussion that I had with you yesterday dated 19-09-2013, I would like to inform you that out business contract, Reference no. 876540 dated 02-02-2012, will be terminated with effect from 18-10-2013 closing of business hours. As per the clause no-IV in the said business contract, both the parties will have to give at least one month’s full notice before extinction. Thus, please treat this letter as formal intimation for the termination of the said business contract.

The contract was about the supply of various surgical equipments by your organization to our hospital. It has been observed in last seven months that the surgical equipments and related products that you have been providing us are of very poor quality. We have requested you several times to improve the quality of the product and give us better service, but unfortunately there has been no changes in the service and the equipments. If you remember, we had given back the devices and the equipments due to its poor quality and asked for replacement, but the replaced products are also not in the expected class. Apart from this, you always miss the deadline in delivering us the surgical equipments even if we give you prior intimation for it. These are all creating trouble for our doctors, nurses and colleagues to continue with the operational activities.

We request you to submit all the invoices and collect the pending payments during the stipulated time. We are hoping to have co-operation on our decision from your side so that the full and final settlement can be done peacefully.

Thanking you,

Meera Brown

General Manager-Operation

G.K. Hospital Ltd