Business Apology Letter to Employee

By | November 8, 2014

A business apology letter to employee is written by a business in order to apologize for their mistake or misunderstanding. These types of letters can be written by senior member of the business or HR staff. The letter must mention the reason for the apology and compensation given if any. These letters are formal in nature and a sample is given below for reference.

Sample Business Apology Letter to Employee:



Mr. Benjamin Linus

Senior Associate


Teaneck, New Jersey

Dated: 08.20.2014

Dear Mr. Linus

Subject: Business apology letter

Please accept our apology for the accusations we made about you regarding the missing files on the PPC project accounts. Recent details have come to light that prove that you were not responsible for the loss of those files and it was the wrong doing of some other associate.

On behalf of the company management, we sincerely apologize for jumping to conclusions. You must understand that when these files went missing the company was looking at facing a huge penalty amount. In the hustle we pinpointed the problem on you as you were leading that project. But it now appears that some other associate was responsible for misplacing the files and these files were not lost but were stored in a different folder.

As a token of apology please accept the compensation check which is enclosed with this letter. We hope you will continue to work with us and excel in your work.

Yours Sincerely

Alexander Mahone

HRD Director