Breakup Letters

By | October 13, 2011

The letter serves as the best medium to talk about sensitive issues and when the issue under consideration is a breakup with someone with whom you have shared a relationship for quite some time; the letter mode of communication comes in very handy. The breakup letters should be crafted in such a fashion that the main news of breakup unfolds itself in a gradual way and does not comes as a shock to the addressee.

The reasons for the strict decision of severing the ties should be out first so that the person reading the letter should have it in mind that the breakup news is to unfold afterwards. This absorbs the shock to a great deal. The starting of the letter should begin with reluctance so that the reader gets the impression that the person attempting the breakup also feels the pain of doing it.

The next step is to dedicate to the reasons. And finally when the breakup news unfolds never keep hammering about it and just mention it once, but very clearly so that no misunderstanding prevails after that. Afterwards, the person writing the breakup letter should make it a point to mention that the two people will remain friends and confidante forever. This avoids washing the dirty linen in the public domain. Finally, the words should be ‘yours’ and nothing further. To mention ‘yours love’ is futile after the breakup news and to mention ‘yours friendly’ it is too early. So, let it just – ‘yours’.

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