Bitter Break Up Letter

By | July 12, 2013


Jack Johnson

34 Red Mile Road

Holly Wood, Los Angeles 6723

Dated: 17th of June 2012


This letter is to inform you that I have decided to break up with you and would like you to know that the two years of our relationship has been the dullest moment of my life. I am finally relieved that I am writing this letter to you and would like to get rid of you.

When I had seen you two years back I had thought that though you are not good looking but you will be a person with good heart, but, I have been proved wrong. You are a person who is mean at heart and also very insensitive. You have never tried to understand my problems and shown indifference to them. Rather than helping me and attending to my emotional needs, you have aggravated them. I have tried a lot numerous times to compromise for the sake of the relationship but an immature person like you never appreciated my efforts.

I would not like to stay in touch with you at all and not even interested in seeing your face any more. Do not try to call me or communicate me in any way.

Julie Moore