Birthday Letters

By | October 13, 2011

Usually, people prefer many other medium of communication for conveying best wishes for an occasion like birthday. However, the birthday letters make an impact on the addressee such that which is not possible with any other mode of communication. The birthday wishes are usually conveyed in an informal way.

However, certain letters can have a formal approach like while wishing someone like teacher, senior in a business organisation, etc. The collective wishing usually forms a very short letter and ironically, the longer versions are those which convey wishes from a single person. For birthday letters, one should never delay the wishes and should, in fact, begin the letter with the best wishes for the special letter.

The birthday letters usually contain an enclosure which carries the gift or best wishes card and hence one should make it a point to mention about it. However, the mentioning of the birthday gift or card should be done in a humble way. One can try and mention how the person makes his or her life special and how you wish that Lord makes the birthday person’s life long, hale and hearty.

The concluding part should have an inquiry about whether the gift or card was liked and appreciated or not, in case of the enclosure. For those not having the enclosure, the conclusion can include seeking of regards from other elder members. Keeping it short, can portray that the message has been conveyed in haste and hence try to make it look a bit comprehensive.

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