Birthday Letter to Husband

By | October 13, 2011

Dear Honey,

This is Molly wishing you a very, very Happy Birthday. Jonathan, life has been so kind to me to give me such a loving and caring husband like you that I have never felt hollow; since you complete me in every respect. And today, on your birthday, I have nothing to present you for all the love and care you shower on me but only my love and an eternal promise to be your soul mate for ever and forever.

Life may be kind to me but this world is so cruel that it has parted us on the very day when I wish to pamper my baby and do nothing else. I have a gift for you when you return; but first of all, promise me that you shall never be away from me on this very day ever again. Conveying you lots of love and care is your sweetie-pie.

Your love,