Birthday Letter to Girlfriend

By | October 13, 2011

Dearest dear Emma,

This is your love wishing you a very, very and very, very Happy Birthday. I wish and pray Lord to shower all his blessings on you. Besides praying Him, I thank Him for giving me the most wonderful girl in the universe and making me feel so special. Sweetie, my life is so hollow without you that I can never even think of myself without you.

Emma, I have conveyed a gift for you along with this letter and I wish it is liked by the eternal beauty of mine. How cruel is this world to part us on this special day? My Love, I owe you a million, billion and I don’t know how much worth of this material belonging for being with me and I convey my heart and soul as the ultimate gift for you on this birthday. Wishing you a Happy Birthday ever and ever again,

Your love,