Birthday Letter to Boyfriend

By | October 13, 2011

Dearest Jack,

This is Cameroon wishing you a very Happy Birthday. My darling, you have made me feel so complete and happy that I owe you every bit of everything for giving you any gift for your birthday. I convey you every bit of warmth and love that we share through this letter to you. Also, I have enclosed a small gift for you along with this letter and I hope against hope that you like it, considering your choosy choices.

Jack, many say love is eternal sea, many say it is lifelong tree and many say life is love; but I have found nothing else but you. You are my eternal sea of love and also my lifelong tree of love. Let us pray together, on this auspicious moment, to the Almighty to bless us that we shall live to experience the eternal love within us for each other for ever and forever.

Your love,