Birthday Letter to Best Friend

By | October 13, 2011

Dear Jack,

This is James wishing you a very Happy Birthday. People say that love and other relations have lasting effect than any friendship and I say here we are to defy every bit of it. I cannot help but convey you a gift along with this letter even if you denied me every time. I hope this gift is appreciated by you.

I know you shall tell me if you really liked it or not; for there is no scope for any reluctance in between the best pals. I have always thanked God for giving me such a great, strong and everlasting support in you. Today, I thank you for being with me for every bit of right or wrong I was and I am. Never will the world give me any friend like you and never will anyone be you; always be with me. Wishing you Happy Birthday million times and more,

Best pal,