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Condolence Letter to Sister

A condolence letter to sister is written to a sister on loss of her loved one. The letter must express sympathy on the loss of the sister and must show care and concern of the writer to the grieving sister and her family. Below given is a sample condolence letter to sister.

Sample Condolence Letter to Sister:


Ms. Jenny Frank,

C-233, St Francis road,

New York, SA 155 44

Date: 15th October 2014

Dear Jenny,

I am really sorry to hear about the terrible loss of your sister-in-law. I know how devastating it is for you and your family. I am aware that you both were best pals and more than sisters.

I share your deepest grief.

Your sister-in-law as one of the warmest and wonderful people I have known. She was a really sweet person and we all remember her for the kind things she did for others. She will be really missed by all of us and remembered for her warm nature.

I completely understand the depth of your loss and extend my deepest sympathy to you and your family. May God bless you with will and strength to go through this difficult time of great grief. You have to give time to yourself and I am there with you if you need anything.

You and your family members are in our thoughts and prayers, Jenny. Sending Love to you and your family. May the soul of your sister-in-law rest in peace.

Warm Regards

Sally Simpson,

Fundraising Request Letter

A fundraising request letter is a letter which a person or a company writes in order to make a request for fundraising to another person or company. The letter must state the reason for the request and how will the funds be used.  A fundraising request letter must sound polite and should be formal in nature. A sample of a fundraising request letter is given below.

Sample Fundraising Request Letter:


Mr. Greg Anthony

Owner, Anthony Shoes and Sportswear

V-67, velvet street, Vanilla Avenue

Piccadilly, Princeton

London, UK

Date: 6th May 2014

Subject: fundraising request letter

Dear Mr. Anthony,

World Vision is a charitable organization which supports blind persons and helps them to achieve their goals in life.  We are requesting you to sponsor a child for his/her education and help the little one move towards a brighter future even inspite of a disability.

World Vision has been helping blind children and other blind individuals for the last 10 years. We have a blind school, a blind children home and other facilities where we transform their lives and help them in more ways than one. By sponsoring a blind child, you will be providing him with basic amenities and basic education. To do so, you will need to make a donation of $3000 every year for as many years as you may find suitable and comfortable.

If you wish to associate yourself with us, kindly visit our main office at D-45, Hudson lane, London between 10 am to 5 pm.

Thanking you

World Vision

Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter

Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter is a letter which is written with a purpose of informing a hotel representative or tourist registration office regarding cancellation of an existing reservation or booking. Before writing such letter, one should carefully read the terms and conditions of that hotel or travel agency with respect to cancellation policy. Given below is the sample for such letter.

Sample Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter:


Diana Marker

ABED International Hotel

45 Downing Street




United Kingdom

14th October,2014

Subject: Cancellation of Room Reservation Letter


I Stephen Clarke had made a reservation at your hotel on 3rd October, 2014 for a suite room for 3 nights i.e from  1st November, 2014 to 4th November, 2014. I would like to cancel my reservation and the reservation number for the transaction is JK8923398.

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I won’t be able to visit London on these dates. So, I want to cancel my bookings. According to hotel’s cancellation policy, I would receive 100% refund if I cancel 10 days prior to the check-in date. Therefore, I would request you to refund the entire amount since I am cancelling my reservation 15 days in advance.

I had done online transaction for my reservation and used my American Express Credit Card for making the payment. I was charged £400 for the entire stay. I would appreciate if the same amount is credited to my account at the earliest.

Please feel free to contact me in case of any issues or queries. I will wait for your response.


Stephen Clarke

School Fundraising Solicitation Letter

A school fundraising solicitation letter is a letter which is written by a person or party to request someone to help raise funds for a school or for a purpose related to a school. The letter is a kind of a solicitation to another individual so that the money can be used for charitable reasons or purposes. A sample of a school fundraising solicitation letter is given below.

Sample School Fundraising Solicitation Letter:


David Bernard Parkson

Owner, Parkson group of companies

Q-23, second floor, Henderson tower

Jackson Avenue, Putney

London, UK

Date: 17th June 2014

Subject: school fundraising solicitation letter

Dear Mr. Parkson

I, Timothy Arnold, the founder of blind school fund am writing this letter to you to make a request regarding the development and improvement of the school that we are building. We wish to invite you to a fundraising event which will be raising money for this school.

The fundraising event is to be held on 30th June 2014 from 10 am onwards and will be a fashion show where clothes made by blind students will be displayed. Your presence at this event will be very important for us and would help you get more insight into our cause and initiative.  You can bring alone one more guest with you and the way to donate is to participate in auction of the clothes put on display.

The school will benefit a lot by your donation and support. Looking forward to having you there.

Thanking you

Timothy Arnold

Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter

When a client’s company or customer’s business is completing a milestone, it is a good gesture to send them a Company Anniversary congratulation letter. Such a well written letter can help maintaining mutually beneficial business relations. In a company anniversary congratulation letter one can complement them for their specific achievements or complement them for their fame and name in the field. Here is a sample company anniversary congratulation letter.

Sample Company Anniversary Congratulation Letter


Joan Smith,


BCC Associates

533, Riverview Street,

New York,

NY 12344

Date: 14th October 2014

Sub: Congratulations on your company anniversary

Dear Mr. Smith,

It is with great pleasure Iam writing this letter to congratulate your company, BCC Associates on successfully completing 25 years in the business. Hearty Congratulations to you and your company on behalf of our entire team in PQR Company!

You can be proud of your achievements in the past years and the tremendous growth of your company due to the steadfast hardworking team behind it. BCC Associates have always tried and delivered the best products and services to its customers.

Your brilliant team of employees and the friendly working environment deserves special mention in achieving success in all your various ventures. Customer satisfaction remained your prime priority always, which kept you in a reputed place in the market. Also your dedicated team of employees is really proud to be working in your company which ensures their career growth as well.

We wish you and your team many more years of success and the very best for your future ventures.

Warm Regards


Mike Johnson

PQR Company

Job Offer Congratulation Letter

A job offer congratulation letter is send to someone upon achieving a job offer. In this letter the writer needs to congratulate the person for achieving the job as well as clearly state the position for which he or she is selected. It can also iclude the other terms of the job like the joining date, initial salary etc. Here is a sample job offer congratulation letter.

Sample Job Offer Congratulation Letter:


Luis Johnson,

450, Park Street,

New York

NY 10234

20th October, 2014


Subject: Job offer congratulation letter

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I am very pleased to inform you that you are selected to work as a Programmer in the Software Department of ABC Company.  Congratulations!  I am happy to make you the following job offer and hope you will accept our offer.

The post we are offering is of Assistant Programmer in the Software Department. You will be appointed at a starting salary of $2000.00 per month.  You will be directly reporting to our IT head, Mr. Mike Lathy.

We would like you to start work on 01/11/2014 at 9 am. On that day you can come to our office at 455 North Tower and report to Mike Lathy. You can meet our human resources manager that day and sign up your complete benefits package.

Please notify your acceptance of this job offer by signing in the space below and return it to me by 28th October 2014.

If you have any queries you can contact me on 998 4321 448.

I welcome you warmly to ABC Company and look forward to your acceptance and a mutually beneficial work relationship.



John Doe

HR Manager

ABC Company


I hereby accept the offer stated above.



New Job Congratulation Letter

A new job congratulation letter is written to congratulate a person for his or her successful accomplishment of achieving a new job.  Through these letters one can mention the excellent qualities of his or her friend or acquaintance, which helped him/her getting that job. Such a letter of appreciation is great mode of maintaining professional as well as personal relations. Here is an example of a new job congratulation letter.

Sample New Job Congratulation Letter:



Aaron Williams

XYZ Consultants,

455 North Tower,

New York,

NY 10076


Date: 12th October 2014


Dear Aaron,

It is with great pleasure I am writing this letter to congratulate you on your new job as Financial Controller in XYZ consultants.  I am very happy that you have secured such a responsible post in a prestigious financial firm.

It is really a great achievement and my hearty congratulations to you. You will get the opportunity to work with stalwarts in financial field there.

I take this opportunity to appreciate your hardworking, efficient and organized way of working which I have observed when we were working together. Your capabilities of maintaining inter personal relations coupled with your excellent communication skills helped you reached here. Always keep up the good work and learn more in the new atmosphere.

Thank you for sharing this great news with us and I wish you all the best in your new role.

I really look forward to work for more opportunities of business relationship with you and XYZ consultants.

Best Regards


Joshua Alex

Dental Nurse Cover Letter

A dental nurse cover letter is written by a person to apply for the post of a dental nurse in a hospital or any other medical set up. These types of letters are enclosed with resume and other related documents and must mention the key skills and experience of the candidate. Below given is a sample of the letter.

Sample Dental Nurse Cover Letter:



Dr Charles Smith,

ABC Dental Hospital,

255 Maine rd,

New York,

NY 12366

17th June, 2014


Subject: Application for the post of Dental Nurse


Dear Dr. Smith,


This is with reference to the application for the post of Dental Nurse at ABC Dental hospital as per the advertisement in New Times on 10th June, 2014. Please find my latest resume herewith enclosed with this letter for your reference.


I have completed my Dental Nursing program at All Saints University. I also have three years of working experience as a dental nurse. I am proficient in handling and maintaining dental equipment and mixing materials. My work experience helped me gain a strong expertise in chair side procedures as well as in setting up and preparing a surgery.


I am a fast learner and a team player and have experience in handling reception, taking notes and prescriptions and maintaining patient records. Most importantly my compassionate and understanding nature helps me when I have to handle nervous patients. I am also flexible with my wok timings.


I look forward to hear from you as per your convenience. You can reach me at anytime via phone or email.


Thank you for your time and consideration.





Janet Johnson


Dental Assistant Cover Letter

A dental assistant cover letter is written by a candidate in order to apply for the post a dental assistant at a clinic, hospital or any other medical setup. The letter can mention about qualifications, skills and experience of the candidate. This letter can also include information on any internship done. Given below is a sample Dental Assistant cover letter for your reference.

Sample Dental Assistant Cover Letter:


Dr. Charles Leaf

Chief Administrator

ABC Dental Clinic

400 Park View Rd,

New York,

NY 10099

Subject: Application for the post of Dental Assistant

Dear Dr. Leaf,

It is with great pleasure I am writing this letter to apply for the post of dental assistant at your reputed clinic. I have completed graduation from St John’s College Dental College with A+ Grade.

I have got dental assisting experience though my dental internships at PQR Dental clinic and I have got 300 hours of experience at Endodontic specialty centre and at ABC Dental clinic New York. I am proficient in patient management during procedures, X rays both manual and digital, preparation and maintenance of dental trays and sterilization and Oral hygiene instruction.

I really enjoy working as a dental assistant and I am fast learner who can adapt to a fast changing environment. My latest resume is herewith enclosed with this letter for your reference. For any other information I can be contacted on 7979979. Looking forward to meet you over a personal interview.

Thanks for your time.



Teresa Jones

Retail Internship Cover Letter

Retail internship cover letter is written by a candidate to apply for the internship for a retail position in a company or an organization. When a person is applying for an internship with any company he or she needs to assert them with all their skills and experiences apart from educational qualification. Given below is a sample retail internship cove letter.

Sample Retail Internship Cover Letter:



Wilson Doric,

Vice President

PQR Designs Company

225 Park Avenue

New York

NY 14324

Subject: Application Retail Internship

Dear Mr.  Doric,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Summer Internship in PQR Designs as per the advertisement on your website. I believe that this is a great opportunity for me as PQR Design’s ideal business environment can help me pursue my goals in business and management.

Along with my qualifications, my passion for designing, my dedication and academic interest, coupled with my keen interest in fashion and design, make me the most deserving candidate for this internship.

Currently I am in my third year at St Luks University, doing a Bachelor’s degree in business management. During my last vacation I have done a part time diploma course in fashion designing. After school I have worked as an intern in Luks University in the human resources department for two months.

Along with my work experience, I am fluent in both French and Spanish apart from English, which can help me while interacting with clients whose first language is not English.

I will be available at your convenience for an interview.  I am looking forward to talk to you.

Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely


Alison Doe